Advocacy 2 Engagement

Who we are...

a-2-e staff have expertise in health and social care, leadership and management, housing, brokerage, education, caring, bespoke training and advocacy. 

We are based in Nottinghamshire - Robin Hood country, and we work across the UK, robbing from the rich and giving to the poor.

Allegedly we have been spotted deep in the forest in Lincoln green, dodging from tree to tree in ever new attempts to recover our costs...... it's one way to survive in difficult times.

The team...

Julie Thorpe

Training and Development Manager:
Teresa Randon

Training Team:
Patricia Harland, Sheila Gilson, Marie O'Sullivan, Marian Crawford, Liz Bonner

Expert by Experience Team:
We have a team of experts who have experience of using or caring for someone who uses services regulated by the Care Quality Commission (CQC).

Achieving Best Evidence Team:
Mark Headley, Sharon Walker

We have a range of partners who join our team on specific projects according to their field of expertise and talents. They are all champions for engagement.

We provide bespoke work experience opportunities tailored to individual need, giving people a chance to learn new skills or get back into the workplace.

We use local services where we can so that money is recycled into the local economy, for example, hiring venues from scout and guide associations, village halls, using local community transport schemes, catering groups that provide work for people with learning disabilities.

We work alongside carers, people who use services, and service providers.

a-2-e was started by Julie Thorpe, a service manager and a carer for over 20 years.

"I found it amazing that when I was working as a service manager people listened to me and gave me respect, and yet the next day in my role as mum I would often be treated as though I knew nothing and wasn't to be trusted with information even though decisions had a real impact on my life and my family's life.
I met other parents who felt the same. We had a lot of understanding of what works and what doesn't work for people but our skills knowledge and practical experience was often disregarded. In 2005 I decided to risk all and set up a-2-e to develop a range of flexible, innovative services that equally valued the views of people who use services, carers and professionals."

Some partners and projects we have delivered

Nottinghamshire County Council- approved provider of Adult and Community Learning Service Courses - from 2005 - over 1700 enrolments to date

Care Quality Commission / Choice Support - providing Experts by Experience to support CQC inspections and other work by the CQC since 2016

Lancashire and Nottinghamshire Police Crime Training Units - Achieving Best Evidence Training, vulnerable witnesses 2005 and ongoing

NHS England - Expert by Experience involvement in Care, Education and Treatment Reviews (CETR)

Mansfield & Ashfield CCG, Newark and Sherwood CCG and Sherwood Forest Hospital Trust - support 'health champs' with learning disabilities to consult others about their experiences of health care

Pegasus School - staff training to enable staff to better hear and respond to the 'voice' of children with complex needs or behaviour that can be seen as challenging

Housing Options - advice and guidance on consultation with adults with learning disabilities in Nottinghamshire 2010

Nottinghamshire County Council - Critical Friend to Campus Reprovision 2008

Nottingham and Nottinghamshire Advocacy Alliance - Training of Advocates 2006

Nottinghamshire Healthcare NHS Trust - Service User Involvement Benchmarking, 2005

Framework - Staff Development Training

Nottinghamshire Mental Health Partnership - consultation events

Disability Nottinghamshire - Staff Development Training

Reed International - advice on the engagement of hard to reach job seekers

Individuals - advocacy, brokerage, support planning and management, cv development, preparation for job interviews

“Julie has many successful projects to her credit working in partnership with other organisations, both small and large, and for helping groups achieve excellence in their endeavours through the mastery of their own potential and by understanding the environment in which they operate”
"Its about getting it right for each individual, checking peoples' understanding and making adjustments until you get it right for each person"